Who on earth writes this stuff?

I’m Leo Tindall, a.k.a. the Silver Winged Seraph. I write software a lot and break it sometimes.

My preferred programming languages are Rust, Go, Python 3, and C#. I have also written software in C, C++, Golang, Python 2, Haskell, Java (mostly in school), x86 and ARM assembly, Processing, and Lua. I created the esoteric language SBrain and the LISPalike PyParens. You may wish to look at my other projects.

I am an advocate of free and open source software, especially user-friendly applications of digital signing and strong cryptography, such as the Tor project, I2P, BitMessage, Namecoin, IPFS, and ZeroNet.

I’m currently a student at Beloit College, studying computer science. I love programming, but I’m also into sci-fi, tabletop gaming, and literature. I love sociology, and I’m passionate about social justice work.

Someone has the same handle as me on DeviantArt and FanFiction.net. That person is not me.